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 My First Educator is founded on the philosophy that we are all life-long learners. We recognize the importance of empowering parents as partners in their children's education because they are their children's first and life-long teachers. We hire educators who value this approach and are committed to meeting the individual needs of each learner. The instructional practices of our academic coaches reflect the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines.  We provide tailored academic supports intended to close academic gaps or enrich gifted learners. Our academic coaches also target gaps in executive functioning skills like: time management, organization , focus , self-discipline and memory skills. Social Emotional Learning skills like goal-setting, collaboration, self-advocacy, decision-making and conflict resolution are also addressed. This organization’s goal is to provide the skills and resources necessary to make life-long learning  meaningful and successful!

Purpose of My First Educator 

  • Provide the services and resources needed to help all learners to succeed academically.

  • Offer live virtual and in person academic coaching. Academic coaching goes beyond tutoring to provide customized educational plans which address the learning needs of each scholar (child or adult).

  • Provide individualized or small group tailored instruction.

  • Strengthen executive functioning skills.

  • Provide access to current articles and trends in education.

  • Help learners to navigate the world of education.

  • Partner with parents!

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